Home Ventilation Systems

As Christchurch home ventilation system experts, we install heat recovery ventilation (HRV) to circulate clean air throughout your home, replacing stale, dusty indoor air with fresh, clean air from the outdoors – warmed or cooled, depending on the season.

While building codes and healthy home requirements mean that modern buildings are now well-insulated and airtight, this has had a negative effect on indoor air quality. Home ventilation systems are designed to solve this by removing moisture from daily household activities, CO2 from exhaled breath, and airborne dust. Heat recovery ventilation is by far the best method of keeping Christchurch homes healthy, as it brings in fresh air from outside, not dirty air from your roof space as other systems can.

Home ventilation systems, Christchurch

SnowTemp’s HRV home ventilation systems reduce humidity, pollutants and odours by replacing stale air with fresh, warmed air. The system takes the heat from the outgoing air it extracts, transferring it to the fresh air it draws in, putting over 90% of heat removed back into the building.

New or existing

HRV home ventilation systems use a heat exchanger that allows the two airflows – outgoing and incoming – to pass each other without mixing, before travelling through ducts to ceiling vents and grills. We can fit the ventilation system on its own into an existing building or combine it with a new, ducted system.

Healthier air

Stale, damp air is removed, and fresh air is filtered to remove impurities such as dust and pollen. This helps keep your home healthy by reducing the triggers for respiratory conditions such as asthma, and lightening the burden for hay fever sufferers.

Energy efficient

An HRV home ventilation system can recover up to five times more energy than it costs to operate. This level of efficiency is unmatched by any other domestic appliance. Heat recovery ventilation not only ventilates your home, but also reduces heating costs in winter.


“The service we received was amazing and the installation went very smoothly and neatly. They cleaned up after each day and worked around our schedule. We were very pleased with the final installation.”

- Riley Nelson

“We had our heat pumps reinstalled after renovating our home by these guys. SnowTemp were friendly and were able to do the job straight away. They also serviced our Heat Pumps and gave us advice on running them and keeping them clean. The heat pumps are working as good as new now and I have confidence we have no issues. Thanks. You deserve the 5 stars”.

- Sam Malins

“The house just feels dry, warmer and smells fresh, we are so pleased we made this decision to put this unit in. Thank you.”

- Paula-Marie and Andrew Dorbon

Service features

In-home assessment

We visit your space to determine your needs.

Custom design

We specify the optimal system.

Fixed quote

So you can manage your budget.

Qualified installers

Correct installation to achieve product warranties.

24-hour service

We’re always there on call.

Why SnowTemp?

We’ve been operating in the Christchurch climate for 40+ years. Our highly qualified refrigeration and heating engineers assess your space properly and recommend the system that’s right for you. We’re knowledgeable and deliver local service around the clock.

A qualified team

There are no standard formulas here – we carefully assess what you need and match you with the right solution for the long term.

Health & energy conscious

We make sure units are the right size – not underpowered overpowered – and supply energy-efficient home ventilation systems.

Quality installation

You can trust our qualified installers to correctly pipe your system to maintain your warranty on a quality product.

Our approach

We talk and listen

From the first call and home assessment, we work with you to decide on your heating, cooling and ventilation needs.

We measure and check

We visit your space to measure up and give you a verbal indication on price and systems. Once we’re back at the office, we follow up with a written quote.

We provide options

Our knowledge of the local climate means we can recommend the best product options. We carefully consider aesthetics – exactly where heat pumps can be located, and where we can best hide the exterior unit. For ventilation systems, we discuss and recommend vent and switch locations.

We book your installation

When you’re ready to book, we can typically install within a week. Once we’re at your place, it takes a day to install a typical heat pump or around three days for a ducted system.

We remember you

Our customer database records the make and model of your appliance or system, complete with as-built diagrams and photos. We’re always here when you need us, for regular maintenance too.

Free home assessment

Site visits are our point of difference. They allow us to fully understand your needs, so our engineers can assess and size your heat pump or HRV system accurately. We’ll provide a written quote and brochures detailing your unit options, so you can make an informed choice.

Servicing and maintenance for longevity

We keep heating, cooling and ventilation
systems running efficiently all year around
with annual servicing. SnowTemp engineers travel with a full kit of parts to fix systems when they break down.