Servicing & Maintenance

We keep heating, cooling and ventilation systems running efficiently all year round with annual servicing. And if they do break down, our engineers travel with a well-stocked service vehicle to make quick and effective repairs.

Our qualified installation team are experienced in all the major heat pump and HRV brands, both residential and commercial. Talk to us about a regular servicing programme to keep your units running smoothly all year round. And when your system needs a repair, our engineers will arrive at your address in Christchurch to get the problem solved on the spot.

Service features

Servicing your heat pump

We recommend that you get your heat pump. serviced annually, in the spring, prior to the change from heating to cooling.

A maintenance service involves cleaning both the interior and exterior units with standard cleaning chemicals, as well as cleaning the air filters and drains. Our technician will disassemble some parts, if required, to ensure the system is clean and free of contaminants. Our technician will also inspect various components of your heat pump to ensure it is in working order and performing as it should, and any faults are reported.

Talk to a heat pump expert at SnowTemp for pricing and options

Free home assessment

Site visits are our point of difference. They allow us to fully understand your needs, so our engineers can assess and size your system accurately. We’ll provide a written quote and brochures detailing your unit options, so you can make an informed choice.

Servicing and maintenance for longevity

We keep heating, cooling and ventilation systems running efficiently all year around with annual servicing. SnowTemp engineers travel with a full kit of parts to fix systems when they break down.

Why SnowTemp?

We’ve been operating in the Christchurch climate for 40+ years. Our highly qualified refrigeration and heating engineers assess your space properly and recommend the system that’s right for you. We’re knowledgeable and we deliver local service around the clock.

A qualified team

There are no standard formulas here – we carefully assess what you need and match you with the right solution for the long term.

Health & energy conscious

We make sure units are the right size – not underpowered or overpowered – and supply heat pumps that are energy efficient.

Quality installation

You can trust our qualified installers to correctly pipe your system to maintain your warranty on a quality product.