Heat pump specialists and ventilation system experts looking after supply, installation and maintenance for homes across the Canterbury region.

SnowTemp has 40+ years’ experience in heating, cooling and ventilation systems in homes, terrace houses and apartments across Christchurch and beyond. Our local qualified staff ensure your environment is healthy, compliant and efficient, supported by around-the-clock service.

What sets us apart

We know just how hot a Canterbury summer gets, and exactly what the cool winters are like. As highly qualified refrigeration and heating engineers, we assess your space properly and recommend the system that’s right for you. We’re up to date with the healthy homes and new ventilation rules, so you have quality indoor air for vitality and well-being, and can rest assured your rental property meets the latest tenancy rules.

A knowledgeable, qualified team

We work with all the big brands and styles of units, and we’re trained in sizing and specifying air conditioning and ventilation systems professionally. There are no standard formulas used here – we carefully assess what you need and match you with the right solution for the long term. Considering current energy costs, correct sizing is a must. We are also approved refrigerant handlers, preventing spillage or damage to the environment.

Energy efficient, healthy environments

With our knowledge of the units and their performance, we select the most efficient system for your unique needs. This helps to keep your costs down – both for the unit itself and its running costs. We make sure heat pumps are the right size – not underpowered nor overpowered – and recommend heat-recovery ventilation systems to conserve energy. By exchanging stale, humid indoor air with fresh air from outside, overall humidity is reduced, and the extra heat keeps your space healthy.

High-quality installation

We have a reputation for our high-quality installations. You can trust our qualified refrigeration and heating engineers to correctly pipe your system and ensure your warranty on a quality product remains intact. They also clean up as they go to keep your place tidy. Our vehicles are fully stocked for fast and effective repairs, and we provide same-day quotations. SnowTemp offers individually tailored maintenance programmes so that your equipment stays in good order, increasing its lifetime of service.

Our Mission

To specify and install the optimal quality heating, cooling and ventilation systems for your unique needs, cost-competitively.

Our approach

We talk and listen

From the first call and home assessment, we work with you to decide on your heating, cooling and ventilation needs.

We measure and check

We visit your space to measure up and give you a verbal indication on price and systems. Once we’re back at the office, we follow up with a written quote.

We provide options

Our knowledge of the local climate means we can recommend the best product options. We carefully consider aesthetics – exactly where heat pumps can be located, and where we can best hide the exterior unit. For ventilation systems, we discuss and recommend vent and switch locations.

We book your installation

When you’re ready to book, we can typically install within a week. Once we’re at your place, it takes a day to install a typical heat pump or around three days for a ducted system.

We remember you

Our customer database records the make and model of your appliance or system, complete with as-built diagrams and photos. We’re always here when you need us, for regular maintenance too.

Our History

SnowTemp began in the 1980s with two men and a van and we’ve been serving the Canterbury region ever since. We’re experts in the local climate and know how to keep the interiors of Canterbury homes, terraces and apartments warm in winter and cool in summer. Locals have relied on us for more than four decades to monitor code compliance closely and keep pace with innovation to make sure our appliances are not only efficient, but also using environmentally friendly refrigerants. Some things we will never change, though – our expert right-sizing, high-quality installation, and trusted local service.

Free home assessment

Site visits are our point of difference. They allow us to fully understand your needs, so our engineers can assess and size your system accurately. We’ll provide a written quote and brochures detailing your unit options, so you can make an informed choice.

Servicing and maintenance for longevity

We keep heating, cooling and ventilation systems running efficiently all year around with annual servicing. SnowTemp engineers travel with a full kit of parts to fix systems when they break down.