The cost of heat pump installation

Jun 23, 2023

Snowtemp’s transparent pricing policy on heat pump installations gives you peace of mind, from initial quote right through to switching on.

The cost of heat pump installation depends on a few major factors, the most important being the cost of the unit itself. The cost of labour and materials is on top of that, and these costs increase along with the size of the installation, as more complex systems will take longer to install.

At Snowtemp, our quoted price for installing a heat pump includes everything – the unit, labour, materials and travel time if applicable – and once quoted, that price is fixed, so you are not faced with any surprise costs once the job is complete.

The greatest part of the cost is for the heat pump unit

The greatest part of the cost for heat pump installation is the heat pump itself. For single rooms, this will usually be a ‘split system’, comprising separate indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor condenser unit pumps air in and out, while the indoor air handler heats the air and circulates it around the room.

Which heat pump you choose will depend on the size of the room you wish to heat. Ducted and multi-room systems incorporating multiple units will obviously increase both purchase and installation costs.

The installation process

The cost of a split-system heat pump installation takes into account where the units will be located and the complexity of the installation, as well as labour and material costs.

The simplest – and therefore cheapest – installations are ‘back-to-back’ scenarios, where both the indoor and outdoor units are installed as close together as possible. This requires the least amount of labour and can usually be completed by two tradesmen within 6–8 hours.

Of course, every heat pump installation will be different. The units may need to be positioned further away from each other, or there may be complications when fixing hoses or electrical connections. This will lead to increases in labour and material requirements.

Total cost of heat pump installation

The total cost will very considerably, depending on the type and style of heat pump selected,
as well as its location. For example:

  • To install a 6kw hi-wall heat pump, prices start from $3,872* (incl GST).
  • To install an 8kw ducted heat pump, prices start from $7,700* (incl GST)

(*Note that these prices are indicative only; please contact us to arrange a free no-obligation

Selecting the correct size and type for your application is critical to ensuring reduced running costs and system longevity. SnowTemp will ensure you will get the correct unit size unit and use best practice placement to install the unit in the right place – thus ensuring the best efficiency over the life of the unit.

At Snowtemp, wherever possible we will arrange a site visit to establish exactly what the installation will require before providing a price for the job. On the day, our skilled installers will complete the work smoothly and efficiently – and if anything unexpected occurs, you will still only pay the agreed price. And once your heat pump is installed, your home will enjoy the benefits of cost-efficient heating and cooling for years to come.

Maintaining your heat pump

We recommend that you get your heat pump. serviced annually, in the spring, prior to the change from heating to cooling.

A maintenance service involves cleaning both the interior and exterior units with standard cleaning chemicals, as well as cleaning the air filters and drains. Our technician will disassemble some parts, if required, to ensure the system is clean and free of contaminants. Our technician will also inspect various components of your heat pump to ensure it is in working order and performing as it should, and any faults are reported.

Talk to a heat pump expert at SnowTemp for pricing and options.

Free home assessment

Site visits are our point of difference. They allow us to fully understand your needs, so our engineers can assess and size your heat pump or HRV system accurately. We’ll provide a written quote and brochures detailing your unit options, so you can make an informed choice.

Servicing and maintenance for longevity

We keep heating, cooling and ventilation systems running efficiently all year around with annual servicing. SnowTemp engineers travel with a full kit of parts to fix systems when they break down.

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