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Solar Hot Water Systems

When profesionally installed, solar water heating can significantly reduce household energy bills, is better for the enviornoment from reducing the countries use of of non-renewable energy sources and It is especially cost-effective if you use large amounts of water.

Solar evacuated tubes mounted in a panel, use the sun's rays to heat water which is then stored in an insulated hot water tank. On days when there isn't enough sun to fully heat your water, a backup booster system will top up the temprature of the water.

It's been estimated that, for an average household, an effective system will:

  • provide between 50%-75% of your hot water needs
  • reduce annual electricity use by about 2200 kWh
  • provide savings of $500-$600 a year (depending on the cost of your electricity or gas supply).

Atlantic Flat Panel Heater

Not only does the Artisan series provide a warm, cosy environment, but they can be interlinked and fully programmed to follow your life style. Whether it is one, or fifteen heaters, the Atlantic timer does it all. Pre-warmed bathrooms on a chilly winter’s morning are simply luxurious, and bedrooms at night are delightfully cosy - simply set and forget!