Why a heat pump?

Because heat pumps heat and cool homes relatively efficiently, they have grown dramatically in popularity in recent years. Similar to an air conditioner, a heat pump uses refrigeration principles rather than fuel combustion to both heat and cool your home.

In cooling mode, it acts almost exactly like an air conditioner, extracting heat from indoors and expelling it outdoors. But, when switched to heating mode, it reverses this process, drawing heat—even from cold outdoor air—to warm interior rooms.

How to choose a Heat Pump?

There are many different Heat Pumps on the market and multiple options for installation. We sell and install all major heat pump brands and are able to advise you on the best options for your home or rental property. We can advise you on whether to wall or floor mount them, and for whole home heating solutions there are ducted or multi room options.

Multi-Room Systems

The Whole Home Heating system gives you the freedom to select the indoor model best suited to each and every room in your home. Multi-room systems are designed to allow multiple indoor units of varying capacity and type to be connected to just one outdoor unit. This means we can reduce the number of outdoor units required.

Ducted Systems

How would you like to heat or cool your whole home with one ducted heat pump system? Ducted Heat Pump Systems are the ultimate solution for unobtrusive, whole home comfort. Designed for easy installation in ceiling or bulkhead spaces, ducted heat pumps are largely hidden from view, with only subtle grilles visible.

"We had our heat pumps reinstalled after renovating our home by these guys. Snow Temp were friendly and, were able to do the job straight away. They also serviced our Heat Pumps and gave us advice on running them and keeping them clean. The heat pumps are working as good as new now and I have confidence we'll have no issues. Thanks. You deserve the 5 stars"

—Sam Malins

SnowTemp Heating & Cooling Solutions